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salvete amici, indeed - Ablative of Procrastination [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Ablative of Procrastination

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salvete amici, indeed [Jun. 28th, 2005|11:52 pm]
Ablative of Procrastination


This was supposed to be an introductory post, but I was beaten to it!

My name is Alex Marraccini, and like most of you, I will be a freshman at Yale next year. I created this board with the intent of providing somewhere for classically inclined pre-frosh to babble on happily without disturbing the monolingual peace of the Yale 2009 board/chats. I think they were getting sick of snippets of poetry...

In terms of personal background, I have a rather interesting story. I’ve only been “taking” Latin for three years, since my school did not offer it and I was forced to teach myself using an online course. Imagine the fun and excitement people… quizzing yourself on verbs, and yes, muttering to yourself about your own translations! I sounded like a recently escaped mental patient, but I did manage to discover a special love for the Eclogues of Vergil and, like everyone else in the known universe, Catullus. I also read Old English, and in my infinite spare time, swoon over academia.

I had never heard anyone read Latin before getting a fun phone call from Tim, fellow classics prefrosh. How very odd it sounds…

This summer I will be doing large chunks of Aeneid IV and some Cicero to prepare for prose in the fall. I'm excited to chat with all of you.

Reach me at:

AIM: quarkhobbit (I know, it was 4th grade, just forgive)
Email: candide@bellsouth.net
Xanga: www.xanga.com/philokalos